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  •  Security of box

The box is always locked and accessible only if you have the right key. The Unity House Building is considered to be a secure indoor and outdoor environment with CCTV and security facilities. Our clientele can access the box 24/7. The security officers on the premises shall give the clientele 'door access' to box only during late odd hours.

  • Avoiding Delays

With R&M SERVICES, documents get delivered faster as there is one focal point, rather than going to many residential addresses which is scattered all around. There is no waiting for the service to drop the document off at your home or office as you have access to your box at all times. Anything can be dropped directly into our customer's BOX which helps to avoid delays and inconveniences.

  • Official Documents

SMS notifications on all official documents for our clients.

  • Privacy

Another primary reason to choose R&M Services is to protect your privacy. There are often times when you do not want people to know where you live or show up at your home for whatsoever reason. With our service, you get a permanent address for your contents to be sent to without your privacy being breached. A great example to choose R&M Services is for receiving rent on real estate properties from tenants. There are good reasons for not wanting your tenants to know where you live, especially when there comes a day that eviction is required.

  • Permanent Mailing Address

R&M SERVICES is also here for people who move constantly. If you have ever relocated, you know the difficulties you go through – changing mailing address for bills, bank statements, and magazine subscriptions, updating personal information, and sending email or emailing friends your new address. It is very easy to miss updating an important service. Next thing you know, you end up with identity theft because someone happened to get his hands on your personal articles. R&M SERVICES reduces this problem by eliminating the need to change your mailing address every time you move.

  • When the box is full/Courier Service

R&M SERVICES will inform the clientele if the box has reached its maximum capacity. Content inside the box will be delivered to the clientele only upon agreement between both parties. This service is billed by any registered courier company.

R and M Services
Private Mailbox Services in Seychelles